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What constitutes Operational Risk (OR)? Just about anything. It can be as localised as a plumbing problem that makes the office toilets unusable, or new software that disrupts office systems across the organisation and its subsidiaries in different jurisdictions while making it difficult for customers to transact online. OR can be

Risk oversight and risk management have an almost-symbiotic relationship. “Almost” because having one almost always implies that you have the other. However, organisations which have risk management may not automatically have risk oversight. Risk management is a must-have for the organisation, but risk oversight depends to a great extent on the

In the past four months, practically every daily headline has been dominated by the devastation, death, despair and disruption wrought by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Countries have scrambled not only to identify and treat those infected but protect their economies from the fallout of widespread and very necessary quarantine measures. It has

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