Press Release: RAM Jointly Launches Prototype ERM Certification Program

The current financial crisis has highlighted that companies with effective and holistic Enterprise Risk Management (“ERM”) practices are better equipped to weather the turbulence and to exploit the resultant business opportunities. Such companies, which span myriad industries and geographical locations, can fully appreciate the importance of ERM and how to link it to their performance. They use ERM as an effective strategic, management and decision-making tool to create and hone strategic as well as competitive advantages over their competitors.

Acknowledging the increasing importance of ERM, RAM Holdings Berhad (“RAM”) has teamed up with Friday Concepts (Asia) (“FCA”) – experts in risk management and strategy – to set up the Institute of Enterprise Risk Professionals (IERP) and design an ERM certification programme entitled Professional Certification in Enterprise Risk Management. The primary goal of this programme is to foster a pool of well-qualified management experts and ERM specialists, not to mention business leaders and entrepreneurs who are also savvy in this arena. The programme also aims to facilitate better networking among such professionals, complemented by shared business knowledge and experience.

To achieve these targets, a comprehensive 12-day professional module has been specially created to equip participants with the requisite tools and knowledge vis-àvis successfully implementing holistic ERM techniques and strategies in their organisations, thus setting them apart from the pack.

“The programme has been carefully designed by expert and experienced practitioners from the Institute – to create more risk-management professionals with practical and relevant knowledge in the market who are able to handle situations amid adverse conditions,” explains Mr Suresh Menon, Executive Director of RAM. He further notes, “There is currently a void in the market, which this certification programme aims to fill.”

Mr Ramesh Pillai, FCA’s CEO and Group Managing Director, elaborates that “ERM is an art rather than an exact science. It has to do with how organisations can and should take “ ”considered” risks to optimise profits and/or to achieve their business and strategic objectives. The only way to avoid risk is to avoid doing business altogether.” In view of the many ERM practitioners and frameworks of dubious quality in the market today, he stresses that this jointly launched ERM programme with RAM seeks to address such issues and also to dispel the related myths and misconceptions about ERM in general.

The inaugural programme, to be launched in October 2009, will produce its first batch of graduates in February 2010. For more information on this ERM programme, interested parties can call +603 76281762 or +603 76281759.

Date of release: 14 September 2009
Media contact:
Padthma Subbiah (Ms)
+603 7628 1762

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