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Cybersecurity risks loom large in the risk management process. ERM principles and best practices have been found to boost the robustness of organisations’ cybersecurity and overall technological resilience. This is particularly important in view of the growing number and levels of sophistication of cyberattacks. Very often, the ripple effect and

In the rush to keep up with the competition, it is inevitable that the focus will be on setting up systems, training personnel, and ensuring everyone is up to speed with the latest software. But very often, not enough attention is paid to managing the risks which are inherent in

Do you know where your data is? In the event of a cyberattack, how fast can you reconstruct the data your business runs on? Every firm is fair game for cyberattackers, even if you think you don’t have “important” data? A cyberattack will do more than rob the firm of

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