Competency Assessment

One thing that will always give organizations a competitive edge in the business world is the skills and competencies of their team. At the IERP®, we get to the heart of what matters to your enterprise risk management/risk management team, so that they can help management make optimal decisions, improve strategic performance, and tackle their most pressing business challenges.

The IERP®’s Competency assessment looks at potential or existing employees’ skills, knowledge and performance relative to specified performance standards to determine their aptitude and suitability for risk management roles. It uses our competency framework which is a model that broadly defines the blueprint for excellent performance within Risk Management.

The key benefits of such exercise are enormous and they include, amongst others:

  • Improved effectiveness and efficiency
  • More practical and applicable risk management solutions
  • Better quality risk decisions
  • Higher cost efficiency
  • Enhanced stakeholder management
  • Increased productivity and technical ability
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Increased risk management performance

Additional structural benefits also include:

  • Provide a performance assessment tool
  • Provide ongoing employee performance coaching
  • Acknowledge satisfactory and exemplary performance
  • Target performance deficits
  • Highlight skills that require additional training or practice
  • Benchmark employee performance across organization norms
  • Define risk management competence within your organization

With decades of practical experience, our team understands what makes enterprise risk management/risk management teams work better and also how to optimize them.

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Competency Assessment

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