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Global Conference 2022

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Why must you attend this event?

Machine learning is advancing quickly and has become such an integral part of our lives that we probably don’t even realize how omnipresent it is – “Rise of the Machines”. Despite the gains artificial intelligence (AI) has already brought to the enterprise, there is still much hand-wringing over its potential for unintended consequences. For decades, thanks to popular sci-fi movies and books, the collective imagination has been frequently struck with the idea of intelligent computers outsmarting and replacing humans. Fortunately, that imaginary scenario hasn’t been brought into reality………..yet!

Simultaneously, the prominence of ESG has intensified and the reality is that if you don’t assess your ESG risk, someone else will. ESG will in time become part of the regular risk management and reporting of all organisations — some more swiftly than others. Now is the time for business professionals and risk practitioners to bring their enterprise risk management (ERM) expertise into ESG strategy conversations and help proactively address these issues within their organisation.

As ever more organizations use machine learning in everyday applications, governance and guidance will also increase. Increasingly, organisations are using ESG criteria and key indicators to shape and communicate their strategic goals and drive their operational execution. They’re also being used as a basis for reporting on sustainable practices to internal and external stakeholders.

For business professionals and risk practitioners, challenges include knowing where to start, road-mapping and prioritising, making wise choices with key decisions (for example, the most appropriate climate model), and managing operational and financial risks while seizing opportunities. All of these complex relationships (including ESG considerations) require mapping, data, and analysis to better inform strategy and performance; initiatives which lend themselves to AI, machine learning and quantum computing – the “Green Machine”.

Business professionals and risk practitioners must advance quickly to keep errors, bias, lack of skill, and unethical behaviour from poisoning projects. Arming yourself with the knowledge and tools to ask the right questions in relation to risk, ESG and Corporate strategy is a good start.

ESG, AI, Machine Learning and Quantum Computing aren’t coming soon — they’re here. Many organisations are already acting on these emerging risks. The stakes are high and time is not a luxury that businesses have. As more risk managers take their seat at the strategy table to deal with all of these issues, we anticipate rapid progress and focused activity over the coming months.

Our Annual IERP® Global Conference contemplates when, rather than if, all of these will transition from an emerging to a principal risk for everyone – “The Rise of the Green Machine”. Join us as the world’s foremost experts address the critical issues most relevant to the current economy and the matters raised above. Whilst the new normal is important, our success will be determined by how we anticipate, prepare for and navigate the next normal. Complacency is not an option. We invite you to take part in some of the most important conversations occurring in the business world today – so that you will be able to chart your own course towards organisational sustainability, agility and resilience.

Expect to gain premier insight into:

  • Identifying the key drivers and enablers of performance, strategic success and long-term value creation
  • Providing tools to properly identify, understand and respond to Strategic Risks and ESG risks
  • Building a sustainable, agile and resilient organisation via effective ERM, ESG and GRC capabilities
  • Utilising effective ERM practices to craft and drive disruptive strategies and respond to disruptors
  • Managing emerging risks effectively and harnessing potential opportunities arising from these risks
  • Establishing and sustaining effective ERM, ESG, GRC and other Oversight capabilities.

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