The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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Refresher-Accelerator Program (RAP™)

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About the Program

In today’s competitive and disruptive environment, it is critical that risk managers avoid complacency. As part of the IERP®’s continuing professional education (CPE) series, the Refresher-Accelerator Program (RAP™) supports the continual development of  the IERP® graduates as well as other risk, strategy, performance, finance, and management professionals at all levels of seniority.

Can you become an expert in the covered topics in a few hours? No. But these intensive modules will arm you with actionable insights and the essential knowledge to enhance your existing experience and expertise, on which you can build over the long term.  You will also gain access to an indispensable network of fellow professionals who have most likely faced similar challenges that you have, and from whom you can receive guidance and fresh perspectives.

Why Attend a RAP™?

  • You find it difficult to articulate the value of ERM to top management and the relevant stakeholders
  • You are currently facing challenges in risk management implementation and culture at your organization
  • You want to further develop and sharpen your skills in Enterprise Risk Management practices and implementation skills
  • You are a Risk and Corporate Manager or Executive looking to set up or transform the risk management function at your organization
  • You need a time- and cost-effective refresher on crucial components of ERM in order to provide yourself with new ideas or to realign risk activities with objectives
  • You struggle to apply or adapt ERM concepts and best practices to the realities and specific needs of your organisation
  • You struggle to integrate ERM with day-to-day business, performance, long-term strategy, culture, and Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) practices
  • You need to cut through the noise and learn up-to-date best practices and knowledge most relevant to you and your industry

RAP™ Modules

RAP™ has been developed by the IERP® to ensure you have access to a broad range of relevant knowledge, skills, and abilities to deliver on risk, strategy, and value to your organization at all times under conditions of disruptive uncertainty. Modules are based on the fundamental assumption that ERM is a holistic tool intended for enterprise-wide integration, with linkages to performance, strategy, culture, and GRC practices. As such, participants will leave the program empowered with tools and methods to foster, sustainability, agility, and resilience within their organisations.

Building Sustainability, Agility and Resilience via ERM

Integration and Linking ERM to GRC

Risk Appetite Statements and ERM Reporting

Key Risk Indicators (KRIs), Key Control Indicators (KCIs) and Effectively Communicating Risk Information

Understanding the Applicability, Mechanics, Value and Limitations of Measuring Risk

Cybersecurity Risk

Risk Culture, ERM and Performance

Effective and Practical Business Continuity Manager (BCM) and Crisis Communication

Lead Instructor: Ramesh Pillai

With over 30 years of risk management experience, Ramesh Pillai is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the International Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) as well as the Group Managing Director of Friday Concepts, an International ERM, BCM, Governance, Risk Management and Compliance boutique consultancy.

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