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April 2020

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Before your shortcomings are laid bare before everyone else, it is best that you know them yourself. That way, you have a chance to address (and redress) them before everyone starts telling you what to do. That is basically the premise of Risk and Control Self-Assessments (RCSAs). Of course, having

Do Boards today actually guide the organisations for which they are responsible, or is it the blind leading the blind? Who are the people who are supposed to be responsible for corporate performance – and therefore, corporate governance – and what does it take to be a Board member? Corporate

Far from being a tedious or irrelevant process, Risk and Control Self-Assessments (RCSA) are an excellent way for organisations to identify where their shortfalls may lie, in a controlled, structured manner, without publicly exposing their vulnerabilities. RCSAs are an integral part of the operational risk management framework, and as continued

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