The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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About the Institute

The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM). Through our programs and network, we aim to foster effective Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practices globally in relation to sustainability, strategy, performance, ethics, business continuity, and corporate governance. All of this is done with a focus on the internationally acclaimed best practice objective centric risk management and ERM approach.


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Qualified Risk Auditor (QRA®)

The course is conducted in a very simple manner i.e. easily understandable.

Assistant Vice President of Internal Audit, Great Eastern

Qualified Risk Auditor (QRA®)

A good comprehensive insight about risk management and the evolution of ERM and its component. Easy to understand - the facilitator was able to present the content in a 'layman' term to ensure good understanding and appreciation. Overall, a good eye opener on risk management and ERM which can be applied to facilitate the audit of risk management functions.

Group Chief Internal Auditor , AMMB Holdings Berhad

Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM®)

This training is more practical rather than theory. Sharing session was comprehensive to understand the real situation.

Senior Executive of Risk Management , Gibraltar BSN Life Bhd

Qualified Risk Director (QRD®)

Prior to this course my knowledge on risk management was very little. Now I’m getting geared up to increase my knowledge in this subject.

Board of Director, Mass Rapid Trans It Corporation Sdn Bhd

Qualified Risk Director (QRD®)

Very educational, I learned not to be afraid of Risk Management. Risk is no longer a ‘bad’ mood. Thank you.

Board of Director , Malaysia Rail Link Sdn Bhd

Enterprise Risk Advisor (ERA®)

In comparing the practical aspect, this training is better than the other training seminars that I have attended.

Head Risk Management , Alkhair International Islamic Bank

Enterprise Risk Technician (ERT®)

Trainer is engaging because he can share real scenarios in relation to the topics.

Senior Principal of Health Facility Planning, Mediconsult

Enterprise Risk Technician (ERT®)

The concept is clear, practical way can be implemented. Very beneficial to those who involve in Risk Management.

Manager of Risk Management, EXIM Bank

Enterprise Risk Technician (ERT®)

Mr Ramesh is fantastic! The program is good and has changed my perspective of risk management from a boring topic to an interesting and easy to apply, subject to support from the top management. Will definitely come for the next level of program.

Analyst of Risk Management, Bank Negara

Qualified Risk Auditor (QRA®)

The training are very structured and material provided also very helpful. It's good to have this kind of training that surely will add value to the organization. The group discussion & exercise is very helpful to make the participant have more understanding.

Assistant Manager of Internal Audit , EXIM Bank

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