IERP® Corporate Membership


Corporate Membership

* The organization is allowed to withdraw the name of any of its individual members and substitute with another eligible employee
* Memberships are transferable within the organization; memberships are retained by the organization should the employees move on


(1 - 20)

(21 - 35)
(36 - 50)
Regular articles into industry and topic focused categories in enterprise risk management as well as updates on the upcoming events of IERP®
A copy of each issue of publication; E-magazine published quarterly
Participation in online forums where the members exchange ideas and stay informed on industry trends and issues
Global networking opportunities through regularly scheduled meetings organized by IERP® where the members may interact with industry leading experts
Priority consideration for sponsorship at IERP®’s conferences and seminars
Priority consideration and preferential pricing for exhibit space at all IERP®’s conferences and seminars
Listed on IERP®’s website as a corporate member with a link to your organization’s website and contact email address
Write-ups on organizations in IERP®’s in-house publication
Discounts on seminars and conference organized by IERP® 20% 25% 30%
Online job advertisements at discounted rates.
Excludes job advertisement in newsletter (top up of USD 150 is required)
USD 250/month per vacancy/ job title USD 200/month per vacancy /job title USD 150/month per vacancy /job title
Free advertisement/feature at newsletter 1 X half page 2 X half page 3 X half page






























Membership Number of members Registration (USD) Annual subscription (USD)

1 - 20

350 1,500
Executive 21 - 35 350 2,625
Premier 36 - 50 350 3,750








  1. Individual member subscription fee - USD 110
  2. The annual subscription is based on the number of members
Number of members Discounts (%)
1 - 20 10
21 - 35 20
36 - 50 30








  1. The corporate membership shall be renewed annually on a pro-rate basis
  2. Tailored subscription fees for 51 members and above






Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department (Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

Corporate Member

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