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Post-Conference Masterclass: ISO 31000 Tool Kit: ERM Implementation

  /  Post-Conference Masterclass: ISO 31000 Tool Kit: ERM Implementation

ISO 31000 Tool Kit: ERM Implementation

Ramesh Pillai, Group Managing Director, Friday Concepts

Course Synopsis

The continuously evolving dynamic risk landscape requires organizations to be adaptable. Effective identification, assessment, and management of risks and opportunities is critical to understand relevant needs, build organisational, agility, resilience, and to operate more sustainably in the Environmental-Social-Governance domain. Enterprise risk management provides a structured
approach for organisations to perform well in an environment of uncertainty, building and driving strategic excellence and sustainable business performance over time.
Organisations need to enhance resilience in the face of ever complex and increasingly global risks and the framework outlined in ISO 31000 embodies international best practice that is applicable to all types and sizes of organisation. ISO 31000 provides principles, a framework and a process for managing any form of risk in a transparent, systematic and credible manner within any scope or context. Knowledge of the requirements of ISO 31000 enables you to bring the benefits of effective risk management into all aspects of your organisations including planning, operations, performance and strategy.
The message for risk professionals is to implement the ISO 31000 principles and components best suited to their circumstances and modify other principles and components as necessary. It contains valuable information and robust, high-level guidelines for the management of risk. The challenge is rearranging these to align with their needs and approach to implementing risk management.
This program covers the principles of risk management, a framework for the management of risk, risk assessment and reporting, and links to other management systems. The goal of the program is to enhance participants’ knowledge and understanding of international best practices in risk management, enabling them to apply these practices in their own organizations. Participants will
examine the establishment of a risk management framework, explore various tools and techniques for risk assessment, and learn the benefits that can accrue to overall organizational performance through effective monitoring and improvement techniques. Upon completion of the program, participants will have a sound grasp of the practical issues and considerations in ensuring effective implementation of ISO 31000 in their organisation. This program also provides an analysis of ISO 31000 and outlines a checklist for the implementation of risk management in any organisation.

Key Takeaways

1. ISO 31000, ERM, Risk Management, Risk
2. Risk context for organisations – understanding the relevance
3. Design, approach and structure of ISO 31000
4. ISO 31000:2018 guidelines – principles, framework, process
5. Understanding the relevance of ISO 31000:2018 to risk and business professionals
6. Taking ERM to the next level – achieving the attributes of enhanced risk
7. Planning, designing, and achieving the benefits of ERM
8. Practical implementing and benchmarking of ERM and risk management
9. Effective measuring, monitoring, continuous learning and reporting
10. Risk Appetites and Risk Appetite Statements
11. Checklist: Components of ISO 31000:2018
12. The end game – Sustainability

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