The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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Who is the IERP®?
How can I become a member of the IERP®?
What are the benefits of IERP® membership?
How many Continuing Professional Education (CPE) points are required to renew my membership?

CPE points are a requirement to ensure the continuous development of your expertise within your individual role and to help you maintain that edge throughout your career. 20 CPE points are required each year, and they are made up of both structured (attending training, certification, conferences, etc.) and unstructured learning (reading, industry article contribution, etc.) Click here to learn more about IERP® membership.

What are the pre-requisites for attending the certification programs?

There are different criteria for each of the IERP®’s certification programs. Please click on Compare Our Certification Programs link

Can I attend the certification if I am not a risk manager?

Yes. Please click on Compare Our Certification Programs link


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