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Speaker’s Profile – Nitin Acharekar

Nitin Acharekar, Vice President, Twimbit

Nitin is leading the Digital Transformation practice in Twimbit with a special emphasis on Artificial Intelligence and Security. Prior to Twimbit, he has multi-faceted experience of over 25 years in the IT industry with Cisco Systems, Dell Technologies, Pluribus Networks, and Frost & Sullivan.

He has recently delivered a keynote address on “Responsible and Ethical AI” at CDOTrends Singapore Inaugural event, and moderated panel discussions on “Role of AI in Securing Distributed Enterprises” in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

He is currently also involved in developing a community of CXO Thought leaders in Technology especially AI & Security, and developing a “capability maturity model” for enterprises, with a specific emphasis on AI & Security.

Nitin enjoys exchanging market & technology insights with C-level executives as well as operational managers. He is particularly passionate about understanding the impact of technology not only on IT/Security Operations as well as the value chain of the company/ industry.

Nitin is based in Singapore and has handled responsibilities for the Asia Pacific as well as ASEAN regional level. Having worked with several technology companies, he understands the complex GTM dynamics from strategy creation to execution in the Asia Pacific region.


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