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Speaker’s Profile – Jason Loh

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Jason Loh, Head of Social, Law and Human Rights, Emir Research

Jason Loh has a Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Master of Public Policy (MPP). His first stint in public policy research was as a research analyst with the International Institute of Public Policy & Management (INPUMA), University of Malaya (7 years). After another 6 years in academia as law lecturer (on a variety of subjects that included business law, jurisprudence and constitutional & administrative law) as well as researcher (publishing in academic journals), he joined the Asian Strategy and Leadership Institute (ASLI) as Senior Director and Head of the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS). His interests are multi-disciplinary and include the legal dimensions of monetary policy, the impact of fiscal policy on the well-being of the rakyat, sustainable development, new economy, 4IR, and constitutional issues. He is thankful for the opportunity to contribute to nation-building and policy-making at EMIR Research.

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