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Pre-Conference Masterclass – Cyber Crisis Management Simulation

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Cyber Crisis Management Simulation

Course Synopsis

In a 2022 Gartner Survey, 88% of senior managers classified cybersecurity as a business risk; just 12% called it a technology risk. This ran contrary to a 2021 survey that indicated it was still very much viewed as a technology risk with the CIO, the chief information security officer (CISO) or their equivalent being held accountable for cybersecurity at 85% of organizations. This contradiction has often resulted in security needs flying under the radar of executives and board members, only coming under discussion when a major situation has occurred.

Despite cyber-risk incidents potentially having cross-functional operational, financial, reputational and strategic consequences for an organisation, most organizations only conduct cursory Crisis Management simulations in relation to cyber incidents. Organisations rarely conduct Cyber Incident simulations such as Web Defacements, Ransomware attacks, Hacking, Cyber Frauds, etc. Given the transversal impact of cybercrime and cybersecurity events, the key to any company being able to successfully weather and deal with such incidents is its ability to effectively and holistically co-ordinate its activities and responses, both from a technical perspective as well as from a cyber crisis management perspective.

This Masterclass aims to show participants how they must internally co-operate when managing a Cyber Crisis, just as Cybercrime’s key Modus Operandi is the cooperation among criminals.

Participants will be schooled in the evolution of hacking and its blossoming into cybercrime as well as experience, first hand, trawling through the dark web and deep web.

This highly interactive workshop includes hands on group discussions as well as videoclips, real world case studies, live demos and simulation on responding and dealing with a Cybersecurity incident.

Gaming Session on Cyber Crisis management simulation of an organization under a cyberattack. This simulation is dynamic in nature with challenges thrown in as the situation/simulation unfolds – making the simulation as real to life as possible to what would ordinarily transpire in a real world cyberattack incident/scenario.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the origins and development of hacking and its evolution into Cybercrime
  • Understand Cyber Attack Actors and Hacker Profiling
  • Analyse the Cybercrime business model
  • Practical experience of Bird flying on the Dark Web & Deep Web through live, real actions with the trainer
  • Illustrate effective actions to manage a Cyber Crisis
  • Apply an organisational transversal approach in dealing with Cyber Incidents
  • Express an extended knowledge of hacker’s and threat actor’s profiling
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of key terminology, actions, and frameworks of Cybercrime
  • Summarise critical learning, hints, tricks, and must-have experiences when managing a Cyber Crisis, including the important “DOs” and “DON’Ts”

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    Target Audience

    • Chairman, President
    • Board Directors and Board Committees
    • Executive Directors, Managing Directors
    • Company Secretaries
    • Senior VPs, Executives VPs, VP
    • Legal Counsels, Advisors
    • Regulators
    • General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers, Senior Executives of:Enterprise Risk Management, Risk Management, Strategic / Corporate Planning, ESG, Sustainability, Climate Change, Compliance, Internal Audit, Internal Control, Corporate Strategy, Governance, Business Continuity, Information Technology, CyberSecurity, Human Resource, Innovation, Finance, Business Analyst, Etc.

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