The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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The IERP® Career Board is a dedicated resource created by the IERP® to empower risk professionals to curate their own careers. For employers, this resource is designed to assist you in sourcing suitably qualified and experienced ERM professionals and candidates for the positions you are offering.

Benefits of the IERP® Career Board:

For employees

  • Enable job seekers in the risk management fraternity to email resumes to us to curate their career.
  • Risk professionals will be able to anonymously advertise their availability for more challenging and invigorating career positions.


For employers

  • Job advertisements will be integrated across our social media platforms and email blasts to provide extensive job vacancy information to risk professionals.
  • Targeted and focused advertising to attract qualified ERM and Risk Management professionals.
  • Extensive brand exposure for employers.

Let the IERP® help you take control of your risk management staffing needs and your future!


Job seekers and employers can submit their enquiry or application by email to

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