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Operational risk deals with the uncertainties the organisation faces in its day-to-day business activities. This may include a range of happenings spanning equipment breakdown, insubordinate staff and non-compliance with internal procedures; to problems that are the result of external events, such as natural disasters; to political unrest in neighbouring countries

Risk management is generally well understood by most levels in an organisation; risk maturity is now fast catching up, particularly among the Board and senior management who understand the dynamic nature of risk. Having set in place the necessary risk management processes and procedures, they and the firm need to

The audit committee is both a hard act to establish and follow. Imagine having to go over every procedure, process and system in minute detail, looking for irregularities; reviewing findings of investigations into failures of internal controls; and constantly trying to ensure everything is operating as it should be. Whatever

Business disruptions can happen anywhere, anytime, in any location. Bad weather, interruptions in the supply chain, systems hacking, disruption to utilities, pandemics, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or even political events beyond the organisation’s control – all these are major disrupters of business. They cannot be predicted but businesses have to be

When the pandemic was announced, a lot of companies went into a tailspin. Even banks – which are usually well attuned to risks in their environment – were stunned at its magnitude, and the devastating global impact that it had in such a short time. But this should not have

Found in more than 140 countries today, codes of corporate governance were originally developed to complement the regulations already existing in their respective jurisdictions, in the areas of corporate law, regulations and governance. They were fairly flexible so as not to stifle business, yet strict enough to keep organisations responsible

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