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July 2021

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When the pandemic was announced, a lot of companies went into a tailspin. Even banks – which are usually well attuned to risks in their environment – were stunned at its magnitude, and the devastating global impact that it had in such a short time. But this should not have

With the latest version of the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance (MCCG 2021), the focus of corporate governance has shifted more concertedly to the aspect of CARE. This was evident from the previous iteration of the Code but the sharper focus of MCCG 2021 is intended to build stakeholder confidence.

Found in more than 140 countries today, codes of corporate governance were originally developed to complement the regulations already existing in their respective jurisdictions, in the areas of corporate law, regulations and governance. They were fairly flexible so as not to stifle business, yet strict enough to keep organisations responsible

“Down Time” inevitably means lost revenues, delays, disruptions and complications in the future. Lost revenues mean reduced profits, and a decrease in the value of the business. A business continuity plan is essential because in today’s frenetic, globalised world, the Butterfly Effect is ever present. Businesses stand to fail if

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