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June 2021

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Conversations with the Board are often stress-filled occasions for management. Broaching the subject of risk is never easy - even more so when it involves digital risk. But talking about digital risk to the Board is necessary because in today’s business environment, digital risk management spans an increasingly wide range

The business environment grows more complex, demanding and dangerous by the day. Expectations of profitability are always high. Shareholders expect returns while regulators insist on compliance. Stakeholders are becoming increasingly vocal about governance, and have no qualms nowadays about taking firms to task over perceived ethical breaches. Companies are finding

Investing means making choices about how, when and where a company’s assets can be utilised to maximise returns. Safeguarding these assets is imperative, as any investment is subject to a range of risk including negative returns, earning below expectations, unfavourable market conditions or other conditions that may force the disposal

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