The Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners (IERP®) is the world’s first and leading certification institute for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM).

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September 2020

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ERM has been gaining traction in recent years. Many organisations, non-profits included, have been using their frameworks to develop systems, processes and procedures to manage risks, and have reaped the benefits. However, uptake could be even faster and more widespread if more people were convinced of its efficacy. While ERM

Cybersecurity risks loom large in the risk management process. ERM principles and best practices have been found to boost the robustness of organisations’ cybersecurity and overall technological resilience. This is particularly important in view of the growing number and levels of sophistication of cyberattacks. Very often, the ripple effect and

Risk oversight and risk management have an almost-symbiotic relationship. “Almost” because having one almost always implies that you have the other. However, organisations which have risk management may not automatically have risk oversight. Risk management is a must-have for the organisation, but risk oversight depends to a great extent on the

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