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May 2020

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Do you know where your data is? In the event of a cyberattack, how fast can you reconstruct the data your business runs on? Every firm is fair game for cyberattackers, even if you think you don’t have “important” data? A cyberattack will do more than rob the firm of

Being proactive means being prepared, and being prepared shows good management and a firm grasp of the risks your business faces. In an environment that is increasingly volatile, proactiveness actually prepares the business for much more than just an emergency. Consider this: when a crisis hits, does it affect just one

Corporate governance is about how corporations behave; and ensuring how corporations behave is ultimately a reflection of the society they operate in. Are they careful about how they use resources? Are they respectful of their environment? Do they care about the safety, health and overall wellbeing of the people in their

Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), sometimes referred to as the application of management processes, policies and procedures to identify, assess, prioritise, treat and monitor the risks faced by an organisation, has been evolving for more than six decades. Traditionally, it’s application was restricted to minimise accidental losses and mitigate to a

Businesses are often so intent on operations that crisis management may never even enter the conversation at Board or senior management level. Yet, crisis management is exactly what is required in the event of disruptions. Even the least of this, if not appropriately managed, could rapidly escalate to disastrous proportions

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