About The Qualified Risk Auditor (QRA) Programme

The Qualified Risk Auditor (QRA) Certification Program has been designed by practitioners for professionals with the aim of creating a global pool of qualified risk auditor practitioners.

The course is well suited to those in Assurance (Internal/External Audit) positions where a thorough understanding of the strategic aspects of business, as well as the advantages of and approaches to enterprise risk management will sharpen their competitive advantage. The program would also be of benefit to anyone who wishes to be involved in or is being groomed to take on leadership positions or responsibilities in the area of risk management and risk management assurance in their organisations, including non-risk management professionals.

This certification program will equip participants with the practical tools to be able to successfully design and implement effective ERM audit workplans and processes in order to guide their businesses strategically and operationally as well as to effectively implement enterprise risk management in their organisations. Organisations, meanwhile, will benefit from having a pool of experienced and qualified strategically aware managers, conversant with QRATM methodologies, who will be able to manage and steer their organisations in the best strategic direction ensuring commercial sustainability as well as organisational resilience and agility.   

By attending this program, participants will be able to: 

1. To establish minimum acceptable ERM standards and levels of understanding for Assurance (Internal Audit) professionals.
2. To provide an environment for the structured professional development of Assurance professionals.
3. To promote the concept of ERM at all organisational levels across all industries.
4. To encourage the adoption of best practices in ERM.
5. To provide participants with a better understanding of the inter-relationship between the various management concepts critical in any successful ERM, 6. Strategy and Business Continuity Management framework.
7. To demonstrate the significant advantages of ERM by putting the issues and approaches in a practical context and understanding how to effectively audit the ERM function.
8. To provide practical tools to our participants, for the successful implementation and auditing of these ERM approaches.
9. To allow participants to network with similar ERM practitioners and ERM Assurance professionals, ERM thought leaders and other professionals


“ Overall, the program serves its purpose to provide us with adequate knowledge, basis and techniques to be applied in managing the enterprise risk management in our company. Sharing of actual experience amongst us was beneficial as a lesson learned. Good to know what others are practicing. The instructor of the program was excellent, able to make us understand the subjects presented easily and interestingly even though some of the subject matters are quite dull! Continue with the good work! My heartiest appreciation to Ramesh, Sue, Ian and everyone at the IERP® for the well-organized program.” Head of Corporate Risk Department - Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

“ IERP is definitely the choice for someone who wants to pursue his or her career in risk management. The modules and the materials were relevant to my work.The case studies were practical case studies and the lectures were conducted by professionals with related experience.I am proud to be affiliated with IERP.” Senior Manager, Corporate Planning and Biomass - World’s Largest Palm Oil Exporter

“A good exposure for the participants especially for the young guys who have less experience in Risk Management. A good direction for those/company who have loss direction on good/effective risk management practices. Give a proper way/choice in developing a good ERM/BCM framework. This program should be extended to all practitioners out there to ensure all the practitioners have a common language on ERM.” Assistant Vice President, Risk Management Department (Operational Risk Unit) - Largest National Development Financial Institution

“ I really appreciate the knowledge, what has been given by the Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners as it has changed my paradigm in looking at things. It is really helpful as the guidance enhances my skills.” Risk Analyst, Risk Management Department - Agency under the Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism

“ I thoroughly enjoy the classes and really appreciate the lessons learnt. The group discussions, case studies and examples to real life situations serve as a great platform in enriching my knowledge exposure. In all, the notes are really compact and comprehensive. It’s straight to the point.” Senior Executive, Risk Management Unit - Leading National Asset Management Company

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