About The ERM® Certification Program

The Enterprise Risk Manager (ERM®) Certification Program has been designed by experienced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) practitioners for management professionals and risk management practitioners with the aim of creating a global pool of qualified management professionals and risk management practitioners. The IERP®’s 12 day ERM® certification program is a pioneering ERM program and is the most comprehensive international ERM certification program in the world. This 12 days program has been specially tailored and designed to be an effective accelerated learning program utilising adult learning methodology that incorporates lectures and interactive learning.

The course is well suited to those in senior management positions where a thorough understanding of the strategic aspects of business, as well as the advantages of and approaches to enterprise risk management will sharpen their competitive advantage. The program would also be of benefit to anyone who wishes to be involved in or is being groomed to take on leadership positions or responsibilities in the area of risk management in their organisations, including non-risk management professionals. Only successful participants of the program who are current members of the IERP® are allowed to carry the ERM® initial after their names.

This certification program will equip participants with the practical tools to be able to successfully guide their business strategically and operationally as well as to effectively implement enterprise risk management in their organisations. Organisations, meanwhile, will benefit from having a pool of experienced and qualified strategically aware managers, conversant with ERM® methodologies, who will be able to manage and steer their organisations in the best strategic direction ensuring commercial sustainability as well as organisational resilience and agility.

This certification program has been drawn up with the aim of achieving the following objectives:

1. To promote the establishment and utilisation of ERM as a Strategic Management tool to enhance performance and to drive Commercial Sustainability as well as Organisational Agility and Resilience
To establish minimum acceptable ERM standards for all classes of management professionals.
3. To provide an environment for the structured professional development of professionals.
4. To promote the concept of ERM at all organisational levels across all industries.
5. To encourage the adoption of best practices in ERM.
6. To provide participants with a better understanding of the inter-relationship between the various management concepts critical in any successful ERM, Strategy and Business Continuity Management framework.
7. To demonstrate the significant advantages of ERM by putting the issues and approaches in a practical context.
8. To provide practical tools to our participants, for the successful implementation of these ERM approaches.
9. To allow participants to network with similar ERM practitioners, ERM thought leaders and professionals.

The IERP® is committed in delivering this highly customized, interactive, practical, and full impact ERM workshop with your organisation, inter alia, the following benefits:
Program is developed to international standards, yet customized to the local and your organisation’s Risk environment.
Holistic approach with preliminary study by the IERP® to ensure that the program is customized to your organisation’s specific ERM challenges.
Highly interactive adult-learning methodology to ensure proper skill transfer and utilization.
Highly experienced Speakers with extensive strategic and practical experience to ensure a dynamic and lively program

+ Schedules are subject to change. While every reasonable steps are taken to adhere to the scheduled program, the IERP® reserves the right to change module dates, sites or location or omit modules, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made.

For any further enquiry, please refer to FAQ or Contact Us.

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Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department (Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

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