A professional certified in both ERM® and ERM®-islamic recognizes the practicalities and applications of ERM and its relevance to Islamic and Conventional businesses. Participants in the ERM®-islamic program will undergo a practical study of Syariah Governance Frameworks and the various ERM issues pertaining to Islamic businesses. The program also covers a basic understanding and evaluation of important Islamic Finance instruments and the risks associated with them. The core values and competencies of ERM embedded within our ERM® program and instilled in our ERM® professional participants would give them an edge and unique perspective in providing strategic solutions Internationally and across industries.

Training Calendar 2017


+ Schedules are subject to change. While every reasonable steps are taken to adhere to the scheduled program, the IERP® reserves the right to change module dates, sites or location or omit modules, as it deems necessary without penalty and in such situations no refunds, part refunds or alternative offers shall be made.


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Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department (Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

Corporate Member

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