Objectives Of The BCL™ and BCM™ Certification

Enterprise Risk Management relates to ensuring the Sustainability, Agility and Resilience of an organisation in the face of uncertainty. Critical to all of this is the ability of an organisation to continue its Operations when faced with disruptive forces.
All organisations today face an unprecedented number of exposures. The frequency and severity of weather-related events seem to be increasing and reliance on a complex network of technology and supply chains is expanding. Both trends leave businesses susceptible to a variety of existing and emerging risks. Managing these risks by developing a business continuity strategy is key to the survival of any organization. Business Continuity Planning is one of the most critical components of any recovery strategy. Unfortunately, not every company develops a continuity plan.
The Business Continuity Manager Certification program helps you to demonstrate an integrated understanding of a complex body of knowledge that includes recent developments in business continuity and to identify potential threats to your organization and the impacts to its business operations. This program helps you to develop the capability to effectively identify and respond and safeguard your organization against these threats, and protect its reputation, its stakeholders and value-creating activities.

The IERP’s Business Continuity Manager (BCM) certification is a practical “hands-on” program that provide participants with the basic skill sets to implement effective business continuity management programs in their organization. The certification is run in two parts:

  • Business Continuity Leader – covering the fundamentals of a BCM program.
  • Business Continuity Manager – building on the fundamental program to include more advanced activities and BCMS consideration

Learning Methodologies

The IERP® utilise adult-learning methodologies that incorporate a highly practical approach to ensure participants are fully engaged in the learning process. About 20-30% of the program will be covered in lectures, and 70-80% utilising interactive learning methodologies.

Target Audience

This program is suitable for anyone working in or related to Business Continuity Management, Risk Management, Internal Audit, Corporate Planning, Strategy, Governance, Compliance, Operations, Investment, Treasury, Product Development, Regulators, Legal, Quality, Environmental Health & Safety, Project Management, Insurance, Underwriting, etc. as well as CEOs, C-Level Executives and Head of Departments who are decision makers in their respective organisations.

Program Testimonials

“IERP® is definitely the choice for someone who wants to pursue his or her career in risk management.The modules and the materials were relevant to my work.The case studies were practical case studies and the lectures were conducted by professionals with related experience.I am proud to be affiliated with IERP®.”

Senior Manager, Corporate Planning and Biomass, World’s Largest Palm Oil Exporter

“I thoroughly enjoy the classes and really appreciate the lessons learnt. The group discussions, case studies and examples to real life situations serve as a great platform in enriching my knowledge exposure. In all, the notes are really compact and comprehensive. It’s straight to the point.”

Senior Executive, Risk Management Unit, Leading National Asset Management Company

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Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department (Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

Corporate Member

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