Mohamed Rithuan - Head of Islamic Finance and Islamic ERM

Mohamed Rithuan bin Dato’ Mohamed Shamsudin is head of Islamic Finance and Islamic Enterprise Risk Management at IERP®. He is also Director of Islamic Finance at Friday Concepts. Rithuan has over 30 years of experience in the banking and finance industry (including 18 years specialising in Islamic banking). He started his banking career with an established Merchant Bank in Malaysia and went on to become its Head of Islamic Banking.

Rithuan’s experience encompassed crafting the Policy and Procedures Manuals for the Islamic Banking Unit operations which included the Corporate Banking, Debt Capital Market, Treasury, Treasury Operations and Finance Departments’ operations. Rithuan also developed and marketed the Islamic Banking products for the Bank.

Rithuan has notable accomplishments with the Association of Islamic Banking  Institutions Malaysia (AIBIM) being a founding member and council member.  In 2008, Rithuan became the Executive Director of AIBIM where his role was to promote, enhance, safeguard and represent the interests of AIBIM Member banksand was pivotal in promoting, facilitating and working in close collaboration, and consultation with the Government, Bank Negara Malaysia and other regulatory authorities in Malaysia towards the establishment of a sound Islamic financial system and practices in Malaysia.Rithuan promoted Islamic banking and finance by disseminating information to Government servants, mosque administrators, teachers, lecturers, and students of higher learning institutions in particular and the public in general.

Rithuan’s other experience includes working for Internal Audit and Accounting firms in the UK and Malaysia and has been involved in audit and other assignments on Blue chip companies and GLCs (including Banks). He has also worked in a senior capacity of a merchant bank where he established their Management Information System (MIS), budgeting and budgetary controls. Rithuan also spearheaded the computerisation of the bank’s operations as well as preparation of policies, procedures and operational manuals for the Finance, Treasury and Corporate Banking departments.


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