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Overall, the program serves its purpose to provide us with adequate knowledge, basis and techniques to be applied in managing the enterprise risk management in our company. Sharing of actual experience amongst us was beneficial as a lesson learned. Good to know what others are practicing. The instructor of the program was excellent, able to make us understand the subjects presented easily and interestingly even though some of the subject matters are quite dull! Continue with the good work! My heartiest appreciation to Ramesh, Sue, Ian and everyone at the IERP® for the well-organized program.

-    Head of Corporate Risk Department

Regulator, Exchange Holding Company 


The course program was well organized and presented at a suitable pace. 

It is conducted in a lively and relaxed atmosphere, thus it enables to garner participants attention. 

Coupled with the limited number of participant’s meant that we are be able to maximize the time spent during the course to raise questions as it progress throughout the day even outside the classroom environment. 

The course content is provided in a structured, informative and simple manner. 

The course provides an overall risk concept and providing insights into better understanding a company’s risk portfolio in supporting to realize the Company Strategies to achieve its Vision.

Course learning is further facilitated through discussions, classroom exercises and case studies which will enhance a better understanding and its application practicality. Embedded in the course throughout the duration is the test of participant’s communication and presentation skills besides providing the challenge of decision making and problem solving capability.

It also offers the participants with a unique opportunity to leverage on networking, sharing of views and ideas, and learn the experience of other organizations in identifying and dealing with risk. 

In short, the ERM course is simple, informative, exciting and lively. Above that, the utmost importance is the opportunity to understand risk concepts, theories and its application practicality in the day-to-day running a company. "


 - Head of Internal Audit and Risk Management

A World Class LNG Port and the Port of BIMP-EAGA


Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives."

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department

Regulator, Exchange Holding Company


At the end of the programme, I understood the fundamentals of ERM. It is good for me as a new entrance to the Risk Management Field.
This programme had opened my eyes and that Risk Management doesn’t mean control and monitor. Risk management has to provide business strategic for company as value-added function.
Overall, the programme was interesting. Mr. Ramesh gave us a lot of useful and practical case studies which are useful for our daily routine job.”

- Executive, Risk Management Department

Largest National Development Financial Institution


I had a great experience with IERP. Mr. Ramesh was very helpful and an expert in ERM. The program provided me the skills to apply the ERM standard I wanted. Because of the great service from IERP, I want to recommend to my colleague as well. Keep it up Mr. Ramesh!”

- Executive, Risk Management Unit

Offshore Banking Regulator


A good exposure for the participants especially for the young guys who have less experience in Risk Management. A good direction for those/company who have loss direction on good/effective risk management practices. Give a proper way/choice in developing a good ERM/BCM framework. This program should be extended to all practitioners out there to ensure all the practitioners have a common language on ERM.”

- Assistant Vice President, Risk Management Department (Operational Risk Unit)

Largest National Development Financial Institution


I really appreciate the knowledge, what has been given by the Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners as it has changed my paradigm in looking at things. It is really helpful as the guidance enhances my skills.”

- Risk Analyst, Risk Management Department

Agency under the Ministry of Domestic Trade Cooperatives and Consumerism (Development of
Malaysia’s Franchise Industry)


The syllabus coverage is comprehensive covering the breadth and depth of the subject. The course material is presented in a clear and easy to read manner. Learning is interactive which involves group discussions, thus enhances learning.”

- Internal Audit Manager

Largest Malaysian (non- GLC) Company


The curriculum provides the complete foundation required for ERM practitioners. Highly encouraged for those who wish to be ERM professionals as no similar course is being offered by any other learning institution thus far. Subject matters discussed during the program are very practical and mostly immediately applicable to any organization.”

- Senior Vice President, Group Risk Management

National Investment Holding Company


A structured and informative program on enterprise risk management. It has improved my knowledge and understanding of the appropriate risk management techniques and concepts.
Highly recommended!

- Vice President, Risk Management Department

Leading Takaful / Re-takaful Provider


The 12 days program has been very insightful, wide area of coverage and well-supplemented with practical and real case illustrations. The program has provided a very comprehensive holistic approach/knowledge of ERM which has truly enhanced my understanding on the subject matter.”

-    Chief Financial Officer

National Investment Holding Company


To My Colleagues and Friends in Business:
It is always a pleasure for me to give a recommendation, especially when the person and the organization present involved is genuinely deserving of one. Such is the case with Mr Ramesh Pillai of Institute of Enterprise Risk Practitioners as Members of Board of Governors and Trainers of for Enterprise Risk Manager Certification Program. Mr Ramesh has demonstrated a tenacious desire to attain a complete and practical enterprise risk management program for both the present and the future.
He not only reviews the details and specifications of each and every coverages along with the cost factor, strategic direction, but more importantly, he anticipates the long-term positive ramifications of a complete risk management program and helps the risk practitioners be able to manage ERM approaches and steer their organisations in the best strategic direction. What I admire most about Mr Ramesh as trainers of ERM programs is that he listens to the risk practitioners and takes a genuine interest in the complexities of our business and our industry.
After listening and asking questions, he invokes his curiosity arid does his research. Through this process, he is able to suit both the generalities and nuances of our business to a program which limits our liabilities and protects our interests and investments. It is my opinion obtaining ERM certification program through iERP would be both a profitable asset and a measurable dynamic to most any business organisation and staff.”

- Head of Risk Management

A Leading Corporation In Providing Total Franchise Solutions / A Government Linked Corporation
Providing Total Franchise Solutions


IERP is definitely the choice for someone who wants to pursue his or her career in risk management.The modules and the materials were relevant to my work.The case studies were practical case studies and the lectures were conducted by professionals with related experience.I am proud to be affiliated with IERP.."

- Senior Manager, Corporate Planning and Biomass

World’s Largest Palm Oil Exporter


At the very beginning stage when I joined the programme, I was thinking that ERM is an alien subject to me, dry and somewhat complicated. Furthermore, most people dislike talking about risk and failure, making them thinking that ERM is a totally insurance company's job. However, after gone through the course, filled up with fruitful discussions, sharing and exchanging views, my perception has changed. The course content touches the core elements and vital aspects of ERM, ethics and governance though it is being tailor-made to fit everything within a short period of time. I have gained a useful knowledge of ERM from the course and the most precious part is I able to use and share this knowledge with others. 'ERM Awareness' is now become a new slot in welcoming new employees in my organization which I have chance to play my part. I strongly recommend this programme to all professionals".

- Executive, Corporate Planning and Business Development

A leading Industrial Enterprise with diverse and global interests in the automotive, equipment,
manufacturing and engineering, and oil and gas industries


IERP has taught me the breadth and depth of what Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is all about. It's definitely a highly recommended, if not a must, program for those pursuing career advancement in ERM. As for me, I'm proud to be one of the pioneering members of IERP."



- Manager, Corporate Planning

Investment Holding Company of the World’s Largest Palm Oil Exporter


I thoroughly enjoy the classes and really appreciate the lessons learnt. The group discussions, case studies and examples to real life situations serve as a great platform in enriching my knowledge exposure. In all, the notes are really compact and comprehensive. It’s straight to the point.”


-    Senior Executive, Risk Management Unit

Leading National Asset Management Company


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Program is well-structured and helps me to understand how ERM can be practically and effectively be implemented to achieve the organisation’s objectives.

- Senior Manager, Corporate Risk Department (Regulator, Exchange Holding Company

Corporate Member


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